ISBN 0-917788-69-9

A page turner with a triumphant climax

    Comments Kentucky Educational Television: “Set amid the horse farms of Bourbon County, Martha Bennett Stiles’ novel Lonesome Road is an absorbing psychological study of the effects of the disappearance of a child on a family. An 8-year-old boy steps into an unidentified man’s car while waiting for the school bus, and his parents don’t know he is missing until he doesn’t return home on that same bus that afternoon.

    From that point, we are swept along on a tide of mingled pain and hope, remorse and grief, seen mainly through the eyes of the boy’s mother, Ruth. We feel her torment as she sees her daughter becoming whiny and demanding, her husband distant and possibly unfaithful, and her friends awkward and unsure, not knowing how to respond to her grief.
Meanwhile, scenes told from the perspectives of the detective working the case, the boy and his abductor, and one of Ruth’s best friends add depth and richness, creating a page-turner of a story that also yields great insight into human emotions.”
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